About the book

On a perfect day, the hours stretch endlessly ahead. Scribbling with chalk, running with kites, digging for shells, paddling, climbing, and dreaming. Hour unfolds upon hour, with reassuring comfort and sleep beckoning at the end.

Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) shortlisted author, Danny Parker captures the simplicity, spontaneity and freedom of an idyllic childhood. Kate Greenaway and multiple CBCA winner Freya Blackwood's paintings of three children roaming a rolling beachside idyll capture the light—and even the smell and feel—of a perfect summer day.

Book cover - Perfect by Danny Parker and illustrated by Freya Blackwood.
Published by: 
Hardie Grant Egmont

About the author


Danny lives with his wife and two children in sunny Perth. They have two dogs (Barney and Charlie) and a cat (Tiny). Danny arrived here from the UK on something of an adventure and is glad to say it's turned out to be an awfully big adventure.

Portrait - Danny Parker.

About the illustrator


Freya grew up in Orange, New South Wales, and produced many illustrated books as a child. She loves creating characters, giving them emotions and their own small world to live in. She lives in Orange with her divine daughter Ivy, a rather naughty whippet called Pivot and four noisy chickens.

Portrait - Freya Blackwood.

Judges’ comments

Three small children pass a perfect day as they play, explore and discover the domestic and the natural world around them. Remarkably, and rather delightfully, these adventures take place without the hovering presence of adults. Children truly are the centre of the world in this book. Only a stripy grey cat is there through the day. They make cakes and draw on pavements with chalk, dig holes at the beach, climb on a rock walls and a tree, wave at a yacht, fly kites and revel in the coast and farmland that surrounds them.

There is lightness and strength in Freya Blackwood's images of children. She designs her pages and paces the book with a filmmaker's eye, exploiting unusual angles and tracking her young characters in the world. There is softness, almost a silence surrounding the children. Danny Parker's rhymed text offers clear navigation and leaves more than enough space for young readers and their elders to explore their world again and again and again. Perfect.