About the book

Gal and Deirdre have forgotten something.  something really, really important.

When her grandmother dies, Deirdre is left alone in a crumbling block of flats. Looking out the window one misty night, she sees a boy who seems familiar.  Together, he and Deirdre must discover the secret of the old building, before it collapses and the secret is lost forever . . .

A beguilingly beautiful book about what it means to love.

Book cover of Pureheart
Published by: 
Penguin Random House

About the author


Cassandra Golds was born in Sydney and grew up reading Hans Christian Andersen, C.S. Lewis and Nicholas Stuart Gray over and over again. Her first book was accepted for publication when she was nineteen years old. She also wrote a monthly cartoon serial, illustrated by Stephen Axelsen, for the NSW School Magazine. She sings for a hobby, has owned a map of Narnia since she was ten, and would like to be an actor if she wasn't a writer – but only if she could be in a production of Hair or Godspell.

Image of author Cassandra Golds