About the author

Melinda Smith grew up in Orange, NSW and has lived in Canberra since 1989. She has published three books of poetry.

Her poems have appeared in magazines, newspapers and anthologies both in Australia and overseas, and have also been set to music, hung on gallery walls and appeared on ACTION buses.

She won the David Campbell prize in 2006 and in 2011 she received an artsACT New Projects Grant to complete her third book.

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About the book

Parsing the pastoral, poetics, Petrarch and parturition, Melinda Smith's deft mastery of diverse poetic forms is coupled gracefully with a refined sense of humour and some sharp insights into the nexus between the quotidian and the immutable.

Book cover. Drag Down to Unlock or Place an Emergency Call by Melinda Smith

Pitt Street Poetry

Judges' Comments

Readers of Drag Down to Unlock or Place an Emergency Call will be rewarded by a book full of unexpected and richly varied pleasures.

There are poems with a lightness of touch, and a self-deprecating tone, but there are also poems that deal with more serious matters. There are skillfully rhymed poems, haikus and highly experimental free verse.

From its range of technique and tone to its depth of ideas, imagery and emotion, this collection announces the arrival of a major new poet.