Shortlist year: 2014

Shortlist category: Non-fiction

Published by: Harper Collins

A provocative book about Australia's national identity and how it is threatened by the rise of a ruling class. Nick Cater tracks the seismic changes in Australian culture and outlook since Donald Horne wrote The Lucky Country in 1964. The overriding principle of Australia’s pioneers was fairness: everybody had the right to a fair go. Today that spirit of egalitarianism is being eroded by a new breed of sophisticated Australians who claim to better understand the demands of the age. Cater takes stock of the rift dividing this presumptive ruling class from a people who refuse to be ruled.

About the author

Nick Cater

Nick Cater is a senior editor at THE AUSTRALIAN. Born in Britain, he fell in love with the idea of Australia at an early age. He made the decision to migrate while on assignment for the BBC to covering the Australian bicentenary in 1988. Finding a job as a reporter at THE ADVERTISER, he has been a journalist at News Limited ever since. He was appointed to senior editorial positions at the DAILY TELEGRAPH and the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH before joining THE AUSTRALIAN in 2004.