Shortlist year: 2014

Shortlist category: Poetry

Published by: Puncher & Wattmann

Time and motion are undercurrents in these new poems by Sarah Day. Her subjects encompass the commonplace in the Australian landscape: the remnant beak of a raven, tree shadows in urban streets, industrial cranes and mowing-machines, as well as the exotic or peculiar: the world seed bank in Norway, artefacts in Pompeii, Graeco-Egyptian funeral portraits, the landscape paintings of John Glover, the Earth as seen from elsewhere in the Milky Way. These poems, individually and collectively, invite questions about the enigmatic nature of past, present and future.

About the author

Sarah Day

Sarah Day lives in Tasmania. She emigrated from England to Australia with her family as a child. Awards for her work include the Anne Elder, the Queensland Premier’s Award and the University of Melbourne Wesley Michel Wright Prize. The Ship was joint winner of the ACT Award. Her books have also been short-listed for the NSW Premier’s and the CJ Dennis awards. Her New & Selected Poems (Arc UK) received a UK Poetry Society special commendation. She has been a member of the Literature Board of the Australia Council and was Poetry Editor of Island for seven years. She lives with her family in Hobart where she teaches Creative Writing and English as a Second Language to year twelve students.