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Schwartz Books: Black Inc.

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Title Fight: How the Yindjibarndi battled and defeated a mining giant by Paul Cleary, Schwartz Books: Black Inc.

'Title Fight' reveals the real impact of industrial scale iron ore mining on Indigenous Australians and their ancient heritage. It tells how Fortescue Metals, one of Australia's biggest businesses, has used Wild West tactics to mine more than $20 billion of iron ore despite having no agreement in place with the native title holders. It tells how small group of Yindjibarndi people, whose leader Michael Woodley left school in sixth grade, waged a tenacious 13-year battle to defend their Country and went all the way to the High Court to do so.

At a moment of national reckoning with our colonial and ancient past, with our relationship to the land, 'Title Fight' asks some critical questions: Who does the land belong to? Who gets to choose what it's used for? And whose side are we on?