The Roadmap and National Principles for Reactivating Live Performance Venues and Events provided additional certainty for the arts sector to reactivating safely in the 2020 phase of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister, through National Cabinet, asked the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee to develop a roadmap for reopening arts and entertainment venues.

The Roadmap, and accompanying National Principles, were informed by advice from health experts and industry and jurisdictional representatives. This includes the COVID-19 Arts and Health Advisory Committee, the Creative Economy Taskforce, and the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee. The Roadmap was also closely aligned with the Australian Framework for National Reopening, which was designed to reopen Australia to a state of ‘COVID Normal’ by December 2020.

The Roadmap and National Principles prioritise the protection of public health. They also emphasise that jurisdictions are responsible for making decisions about public health measures and what events can go ahead and under what conditions.