We seek advice from expert advisors to value gifts under the Cultural Gifts Program. Expressions of interest are always open for new expert advisors.

We seek advice from technical experts to assess donations and valuer applications made under the Cultural Gifts Program.

We will seek the advice of technical experts in relevant fields to:

  • Review valuations of gifts to ensure they are consistent with market value.
  • Give advice about individual gifts to the Department and the Commissioner of Taxation as required.
  • Review valuer applications to ensure that applicants have the qualifications, experience, knowledge and professional standing needed to be a valuer.
  • Certify gifts that qualify for the program.
  • Give advice to the Commissioner of Taxation about individual gifts as required.

We engage advisors from the experts register to give us advice about individual donation submissions and valuer applications.

Expert advisors are paid a set fee for each referred submission or application. Inclusion on the register does not guarantee that an expert advisor's services will be needed.

To be eligible as a Cultural Gifts Program expert advisor, you must:

  • be a professional in the in the art market (or a market for other items of cultural significance)—this can include having worked for a collecting institution at some stage in your career
  • have an extensive knowledge of the market for items of cultural significance and their value—for example, through your academic qualifications, employment history or market participation.

If you are already an approved valuer under the Cultural Gifts Program, you are welcome to express your interest in becoming an expert advisor. You should be aware that you cannot be an approved valuer and be on our register of expert advisors at the same time.

If you are accepted as an expert advisor, your name will be removed from our list of approved valuers while you are on the register of expert advisors.

To find out more about becoming an expert advisor, including how to submit an expression of interest, email us with a brief summary of your relevant professional background.


Email: cgp.mail [at] arts.gov.au.