The Australian Government has supported the return of over 1500 Australian Indigenous ancestors from overseas institutions and private collectors for over 30 years.

The repatriation of Australian Indigenous ancestors helps to promote healing, justice and reconciliation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and all Australians

Five German collecting institutions return Australian Indigenous ancestral remains

April 2019 – Germany

Three repatriation handover ceremonies were held across Germany to recognise the return of 53 Australian Indigenous ancestors from the Munich Five Continents Museum, the Linden-Museum Stuttgart, the University of Freiburg, Martin Luther University Halle and the State Ethnographic Collections Saxony. Community representatives from the Gimuy Walubara Yidindji community, Cairns, Queensland received their Ancestral King, while the Yawuru community in Broome Western Australia received seven Yawuru ancestors. The remaining ancestors will be accompanied back to Australia under stewardship of the Australian Government where further community consultation and research will be undertaken to return the ancestors to Country. The ongoing work between the Australian Government, Australian Indigenous communities and German collecting institutions demonstrates the commitment to the respectful return of Australian Indigenous ancestors and the recognition of First Nations Peoples as the rightful custodians.

Media release - Record number of Indigenous ancestors returned from Germany