You may need a permit to export some works of fine or decorative art from Australia.

You may need a permit to export fine or decorative art from Australia if it meets all of the following criteria:

  1. It is at least as old as the age threshold in the following table.
  2. The current Australian market value is at least the amount in the following table.
  3. It is an Australian related object.

An Australian related object is designed or made:

  • in or outside Australia by an Australian
  • in Australia by a foreign person who, at some time worked or lived in Australia or
  • outside Australia by a foreign person, if the object that incorporates Australian motifs or subject matter, or is otherwise relevant to Australia.
Value and age thresholds
Item Objects of fine or decorative art AmountĀ A$ AgeĀ (years)
1 Paintings by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples created in the Indigenous tradition 10,000 20
2 Objects that are not otherwise mentioned in this table and that are made from glass, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, leather, ivory, natural or man-made fibre, or a base metal 5,000 30
3 Objects made from precious metals 25,000 30
4 Musical instruments 10,000 30
5 Arms and armour 5,000 30
6 Architectural fittings and decoration, and interior decoration 15,000 30
7 Tapestries and carpets 10,000 30
8 Sculptures 30,000 30
9 Furniture 30,000 30
10 Jewellery 40,000 30
11 Clocks and watches 40,000 30
12 Watercolours, pastels, drawings, sketches and other similar works 40,000 30
13 Paintings 250,000 30
14 Prints, posters, photographs or similar works of art with potential for multiple production 10,000 30
15 Any object not mentioned above if the object provides documentation of any notable person or event in Australian science, technology, arts or history no value threshold no age threshold

These criteria are in Schedule 1 of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Regulations 1987, which incorporates the National Cultural Heritage Control List.