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This Place

This Place: A collaborative project inviting Indigenous communities to contribute video stories around place names to be aired through ABC networks.

Other National ABC in partnership with First Languages Australia Ongoing
Au Karem Ira Lamar Lu – Ghost Nets of the Ocean

Au Karem Ira Lamar Lu – Ghost Nets of the Ocean: A marine ecology installation created by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists from Erub Arts on Darnley Island, Torres Strait, Australia.

Exhibition Sydney Australian National Maritime Museum Ongoing
A Territory Story Exhibition at Northern Territory Library

Acknowledging first that Darwin is situated on the traditional lands of the Larrakia people, the exhibition moves through the exploration and development of the Territory, tourism, the performing arts, Territory homes, Indigenous art, what it means to be a Territorian, a fond reflection on our capital city, and a unique timeline

Exhibition Darwin Northern Territory Library Ongoing
Diploma of Yolngu Studies

Diploma of Yolngu Studies: This course introduces you to the sounds of the languages, the grammar and basic vocabulary of the Yolngu people in northern Australia

Other Darwin CDU - College of Indigenous Futures Arts and Society Ongoing
First 5 Forever

First 5 Forever: includes languages in stories, rhymes and games to enhance children’s literacy.

Other Queensland State Library of Queensland Ongoing
Anindilyakwa Heritage collection

Groote Eylandt Language Centre is busy sorting through 40,000 Anindilyakwa resources to give community members access to a heritage collection containing photos, audio and videos recorded in Groote Eylandt over the last 40 years

Other Darwin Groote Eylandt Language Centre Ongoing
Marrin Gamu

Marrin Gamu: Is an Indigenous language song activity inviting schools to enter a video of students singing a song in local Indigenous language.

Other National ABC Ongoing
State Library of Queensland Events and Activities

A series of events and activities through State Library of Queensland.

Event Queensland State Library of Queensland Ongoing
Word of the Week

Word of the Week from Indigenous Knowledge Centres and Indigenous Language Centres

Other National State Library of Queensland Ongoing
Monash Country Lines Archive

Using the latest 3D animation technology Indigenous stories and languages come to life – recording the past, preserving the present, and protecting Indigenous languages and knowledge into the future.

Other Victoria - Queensland - Northern Territory Monash Indigenous Studies Centre Ongoing
Word Up

Word Up Radio series, podcast and video series Each episode a language speaker shares three of their favourite words from their language.

Other National ABC 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019
Gapu Monuk Saltwater

Gapu Monuk Saltwater: an exhibition that tells the story of the Yolŋu people and the Blue Mud Bay legal case.

Exhibition Sydney Australian National Maritime Museum 1 January 2019 to 28 February 2019
First Nations Dialogues

First Nations Dialogues: a series of sector led meetings, presentations, discussions and workshops with artists, presenters, curators and producers across varying conferences and festivals in New York.

Supported by: Australia Council for the Arts

Conference New York Blak Dance 5 January 2019 to 12 January 2019
Ngala Wongga exhibition

Ngala Wongga exhibition: a collaboration with the Aboriginal community in Goldfields, WA. The conceptual body of multimedia work goes beyond documentary and photojournalism creating an aesthetic and creative platform highlighting the Elders connection to land whilst illuminating the cultural significance of Australia's endangered languages.

Exhibition Paris Embassy of Australia - Paris 28 January 2019
Launch of Ngana Ngai

Launch of Ngana Ngai – a children’s paper book in language.

Event Canberra National Library Australia 1 February 2019 to 28 February 2019
Language Keepers

Language Keepers: Preserving the Indigenous Languages of the Pacific conference.

Conference Canberra National Library Australia 9 February 2019 to 10 February 2019
Webinar: Ngaju karna pina jarri wita-kari, wita-kari Warlpiri ’I am learning Warlpiri little by little’

In light of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, this webinar will focus on learning an Australian Indigenous language. Gretel Macdonald is a linguist working with Warlpiri educators in Warlpiri Schools located in the Central Desert region in the Northern Territory to support the teaching of language and culture within a bilingual model or an Indigenous Language and Culture program. Learning Warlpiri is imperative to success in the linguist role, with benefits including enhancing communication and understanding in the workplace and strengthening relationships with colleagues and community.

Other National - anyone in Australia can access the webinar Adult Learning Australia 19 March 2019
Koorlangka at the Karijini Experience

Gina Williams will be developing a language based creative work "Koorlangka' of children lullaby songs with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra.

Supported by: Australia Council for the Arts.

Event Karinini National Park Western Australia Western Australian Symphony Orchestra and the Karijini Experience 1 April 2019 to 30 April 2019
Indigenous Language Idents

Indigenous Language Idents: are produced across various ABC Radio programs from Triple j Hottest 100 too ABC Kids Listen. Across the 55+ radio stations across the country, local speakers are recording stations call signs in Indigenous

Other National ABC in partnership with First Languages Australia Ongoing

In celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, an exhibition of original limited edition prints by 2018 APW Collie Print Trust Printmaking Fellowship recipient, Vicki Couzens, together with a selection of works created in a community workshop with APW Printers by artists Graham Braybon, Gina Bundle, Marlee Bundle, Kaitlyn Healy, Lee Healy, Jade Kennedy, Brett Lee and Julie Saylor-Briggs.

Exhibition Fitzroy - Victoria Australian Print Workshop 13 April 2019 to 25 May 2019