In need of some culture and creativity? Our national institutions have got you covered this September.

National Gallery of Australia

  • Contemporary Australian Architects 2017 Speaker Series—6 to 27 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
    • Lecture 1: Fergus Scott Architects—6 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
    • Lecture 2: Silvester Fuller Architects—13 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
    • Lecture 3: Tridente Architects—20 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
    • Lecture 4: Kevin O'Briend Architects—27 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Art for lunch—7, 14, 21, 28 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Senior students study day: Art + Activism—9 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • In conversation: Angelica Mesiti—9 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Rendezvous with art—11 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Out of the box—12 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Lecture: Mexican Modernism—16 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Art appreciation for carers—19 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Coffee with the curator: Australian Impressionism—21 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • FASHFEST vs Hyper Real—23 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Monet: The flowers of war concert—29 and 30 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Frank Stella The Kenneth Tyler Print Collection—until 22 October 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Australian Impressionism—until 31 October 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Namatjira: Painting Country—until 19 November 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Mexican Modernism—until 26 November 2017 (Canberra, ACT)

Kids and family:

  • Drawesome—17 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Little look at ART—20 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Sketchy Tuesday—26 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Art Explorer: Stella Prints—28 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • NGA Play: Reko Rennie  – until 3 December 2017 (Canberra, ACT)

For more information visit the National Gallery of Australia's website.

National Museum of Australia

  • New members welcome tour—9 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters—From 15 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Sensory objects: Australian gardens through thyme—18 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Tjanpi Desert Weavers demonstrations—21 to 23 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Time Traveller's Book Club: The Colony—26 September 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
  • Kanalaritja: An Unbroken String—until 3 October 2017(Canberra, ACT)
  • A Change is Gonna Come—until 30 January 2018 (Canberra, ACT)

Kids and family:

For more information visit the National Museum of Australia's website.

National Portrait Gallery

Kids and family:

For more information visit the National Portrait Gallery's website.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Kids and family:

For more information visit the Australian National Maritime Museum's website.

National Film and Sound Archive

For more information visit the National Film and Sound Archive's website.

National Library of Australia

Kids and family:

For more information visit the National Library of Australia's website.

Museum of Australian Democracy

Kids and family:

For more information visit the Museum of Australian Democracy's website.

Bundanon Trust

For more information visit Bundanon Trust's website.