The Australian Government funds the eight national elite performing arts training organisations to support Australia's thriving creative economy.

The Australian Government has provided operational funding to national elite performing arts training organisations for more than 30 years. The organisations’ training programs promote artistic and cultural excellence.

Together with the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, these organisations comprise ARTS8: the Australian Roundtable for Arts Training Excellence.

Australian Ballet School (Southbank, Victoria)


Australian Ballet School, stage with ballet students lined up performing
Photo by: Sergey-Konstantinov
ABS Showcase 2015, Divertissment


The Australian Ballet School provides full-time training of the highest standard for young people seeking a career in classical dance.


Australian National Academy of Music (South Melbourne, Victoria)


The Australian National Academy of Music provides young musicians aspiring to national and international careers (particularly as solo artists) with performance training at the highest level.


 Australian Youth Orchestra (Sydney, NSW)


Photo by: Mute Souvenir, Kai Beinert
Australian Youth Orchestra


The Australian Youth Orchestra has a long history of training exceptionally gifted and dedicated young musicians from their early secondary years up to their early twenties.


Flying Fruit Fly Circus (Albury, NSW)


The Flying Fruit Fly Circus provides high quality circus training for primary and secondary school students. It also tours professional standard contemporary circus performances.


NAISDA Dance College (Mt Penang, Gosford, NSW)


The National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) Dance College provides Indigenous youth with the opportunity to train in contemporary and traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance.


National Institute of Circus Arts (Prahran, Victoria)


The National Institute of Circus Art delivers innovative and high quality training that prepares students for national and international careers in the circus arts and physical theatre industry.


National Institute of Dramatic Art (Kensington, NSW)


The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) trains exceptionally gifted young people for careers in theatre, film and television as actors, directors, designers, and as production and technical staff.