We’re developing a new cultural policy for the decade ahead. Anyone involved in or interested in our nation’s arts, entertainment and cultural sector is encouraged to have their say.

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The new cultural policy must be shaped by Australia’s arts, entertainment and cultural sector. Feedback received throughout the consultation period will help inform how we can place arts at the centre of modern Australian life, including respecting and celebrating First Nations art and culture, and recognising artists as critical workers in our economy.
How you can voice your opinion
The consultation period has ended. If you have any questions about other ways to share your views, please email culturalpolicy@arts.gov.au.
What will be the outcome of this consultation?
Your feedback will help inform a new National Cultural Policy for Australia.

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The Government has committed to delivering a new National Cultural Policy by the end of the year to establish a comprehensive roadmap to guide the skills and resources required to transform and safeguard a diverse, vibrant and sustainable arts, entertainment and cultural sector now and into the future.

Town hall events were held across the country over July and August 2022 for stakeholders and community members to provide their perspectives and feedback to inform the policy. We also received many diverse views through public submissions, which are being progressively published on this website.

The consultation period has ended. If you have any questions about other ways to share your views, please email culturalpolicy@arts.gov.au.

You can also hear more about the process of developing a new National Cultural Policy from the Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for the Arts, who spoke at the recent town hall event in Perth.

Relevant documentation

Our starting point for developing the new National Cultural Policy is Creative Australia, the national cultural policy launched by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2013.


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The following formal submissions have been made public.

Yuin Folk Club Inc. Cobargo

Yvette Holt

Zulya Kamalova, The Boite