We protect national and international movable cultural heritage: we regulate exports and imports, and help museums, galleries and libraries acquire important cultural material. We help repatriate Indigenous ancestral remains and cultural material.

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Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
Our latest video takes a look inside the Cook and the Pacific exhibition at the National Library of Australia.
Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
The Orange Regional Museum received $90,000 to assist with the purchase of an ornamental centrepiece, the Campbell epergne.
Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
The Government has provided $125,000 to the National Museum of Australia to purchase a rare female Tasmanian tiger (thylacine)...
Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
To stay at the forefront of protecting Australia’s cultural property, we have updated the Protection of Movable Cultural...

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Cultural heritage

UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity

Australia is a party to the UNESCO Convention to protect and promote the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

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