The Australian Screen Production Incentive supports screen production through generous tax incentives.

The Australian Screen Production Incentive provides tax incentives for film, television and other screen production in Australia.

Producer Offset

The Producer Offset entitles production companies to a 40 per cent rebate on eligible feature films and 20 per cent on other eligible formats for productions with significant Australian content.

Location Offset

The Location Offset is a 16.5 per cent rebate that supports the production of large-budget film and television projects shot in Australia.

PDV Offset

The Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Offset is a 30 per cent rebate that supports work on post, digital and visual effects production (PDV) in Australia, regardless of where a project is shot.

Location Incentive

The objective of the Location Incentive is to ensure that Australia remains competitive in attracting large budget international film and television productions, thereby providing opportunities for Australian cast, crew, post-production companies and other screen production service providers to participate in production. It will contribute to the development of the Australian screen production industry's capabilities and help ensure its future viability.

The Location Incentive will provide funding of $140 million over four years from 2019-20. Grants will be provided to large budget international screen productions undertaking filming in Australia that perform strongly against the assessment criteria.

To be eligible for funding, productions must

  • meet the eligibility criteria for the Location Offset,
  • utilise the services of one or more Australian post, digital or visual effects providers, and
  • secure support from relevant state or territory governments.

The Location Incentive guidelines include eligibility criteria and information about the application and funding process. The guidelines can be accessed at the Australian Government's GrantConnect website.

Once you have read the guidelines, you can submit an online application.


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