Australia's iconic screen industry is an important contributor to the nation's cultural life and showcases the talents and creativity of our actors, writers, producers, directors and post-production workers. We advise the Australian Government about how to support Australia’s screen industry.

What's new

Screen Screen
At the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), students become adaptable creative artists trained to tell and...
Screen Screen
This year marks 25 years of Screen Australia’s Indigenous Department, which supports Indigenous Australians to tell their own...
Screen Screen
The Government has announced a new Location Incentive Program to support Australian film jobs.
Screen Screen
Ms Annabelle Herd has been appointed to the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) Council.

Content classification

We work to assist the Classification Board as it makes decisions about the classification of content. This work helps inform the Australian community about what they play, watch and read. We also provide a point of contact for industry.

We also provide compliance and education officers who work in the community to promote, and check compliance with the National Classification Scheme.

This scheme is run jointly between the states and territories and the Australian Government. It commenced in 1996 and covers the classification of films, computer games and some publications.

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