Australia's iconic screen industry is an important contributor to the nation's cultural life and showcases the talents and creativity of our actors, writers, producers, directors and post-production workers. We advise the Australian Government about how to support Australia’s screen industry.

  • The Australian International Co-Production Program encourages creative exchange between partner countries and the development of screen projects of cultural significance.
  • The Australian Screen Production Incentive supports screen production through generous tax incentives.
  • The digital games industry is a fast growing, dynamic and exciting creative sector. We advise the Australian Government about how to promote the growth of Australia's digital games development industry and increase its market share in a rapidly expanding global sector.
  • Australia is a world-class location for filmmaking. Many big-budget movie and television productions are filmed in Australia, or feature the work of Australian post-production, digital and visual effects companies.

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Content classification

We work to assist the Classification Board as it makes decisions about the classification of content. This work helps inform the Australian community about what they play, watch and read. We also provide a point of contact for industry.

We also provide compliance and education officers who work in the community to promote, and check compliance with the National Classification Scheme.

This scheme is run jointly between the states and territories and the Australian Government. It commenced in 1996 and covers the classification of films, computer games and some publications.

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