The National Indigenous Visual Arts Action Plan sets the Australian Government’s priorities to support the visual arts sector over the next five years. The Plan will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, organisations and businesses in their ability to direct and decide on their cultural and economic interests, and the evolution of their industry.

The plan contributes towards the Closing the Gap targets and outcomes and acknowledges the ongoing strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in sustaining the world's oldest living cultures.

The plan's initiatives have a strong focus on building economic opportunities and safeguarding cultural practices in a modern digital environment. The plan's actions include:

  • Investing in Indigenous art centres across Australia so that artists have better work spaces and opportunities.
  • Creating stronger markets and professional opportunities for Indigenous artists who do not have access to a service organisation.
  • Improving internet connection and access to digital infrastructure for Indigenous art centres so that they able to improve their online selling, do their business better and develop new skills.
  • Providing more training and professional development for, art centre managers, board members, Indigenous arts workers and artists who are seeking independent business opportunities.
  • Expanding the use of digital labelling technology for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and products to more art centres across Australia.
  • Promoting of the importance of ethical and authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks to consumers.
  • Promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and opportunities for Indigenous artists overseas.
  • Working with Indigenous communities to find out whether a certification trademark or a separate law on Indigenous cultural intellectual protection would provide better protections for Indigenous artists and designers.
  • Encouraging an ethical marketplace by supporting the Indigenous art code and assessing the work it does to help Indigenous artists.
  • Expanding the Resale Royalty for Visual Artists scheme so that Australian artists can receive royalties when their eligible artworks sell overseas.

A successful industry will see the continued production, exhibition, purchase and collection of Indigenous visual art. The plan will increase employment, career pathways and training opportunities to support a professional, viable and ethical Indigenous arts industry based on strong participation and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

To learn more about the consultations that lead to the Action plan visit the Consultation Paper on Growing the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry webpage.

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