Review Panels

The Minister for the Arts appointed 5 expert Review Panels to draw from relevant expertise and lived experience across the arts and cultural sector.

Review Panels were appointed for each policy pillar and were responsible for identifying key issues and themes raised through the consultation process, including through the review of public submissions.

Membership of the panels comprised:

First Nations First

  • Ms Claire G Coleman
  • Mr Wesley Enoch AM
  • Dr Rachael Maza AM.

A Place for Every Story

  • Ms Caroline Bowditch
  • Professor Deborah Cheetham Fraillon AO
  • Mr Khoa Do.

The Centrality of the Artist

  • Mr Matthew Chesher
  • Mr Michael Hohnen
  • Ms Deena Lynch.

Strong Cultural Infrastructure

  • Ms Kerri Glasscock
  • Ms Karen Quinlan AM
  • Mr Kim Walker.

Engaging the Audience

  • Ms Kate Ben-Tovim
  • Mr Fintan Magee
  • Mr Emile Sherman.

Policy Advisory Group

The Minister's Policy Advisory Group was appointed to provide sector led expertise across the full remit of the 5 pillars.

The Policy Advisory Group reviewed advice from each of the 5 expert Review Panels, and provided overarching strategic advice to inform the development of the National Cultural Policy.

Membership of the Policy Advisory Group comprised:

  • Ms Janet Holmes à Court AC
  • Mr Adrian Collette AM
  • Ms Alysha Herrmann
  • Ms Sinsa Mansell
  • Ms Kitty Taylor
  • Mr Christos Tsiolkas
  • Professor Clare Wright OAM.

Mr Tsiolkas and Professor Wright were also engaged to author the vision statement for the new policy.

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