Links to some collections of key arts and cultural statistics published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). More statistical collections can be found on the ABS website.

Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues and Events 2017–18

The Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues and Events 2017–2018 report includes details on the frequency of visits and characteristics of people who attend a range of cultural venues and events, including libraries, archives, museums, music and performing arts events, and cinemas.

Participation in Selected Cultural Activities 2017–18

The Participation in Selected Cultural Activities 2017–18 report includes details about adults and children participating in selected cultural activities including performing arts, singing or playing a musical instrument, dancing, writing, visual art and craft activities. It also includes information about the characteristics of participants, the number of selected cultural activities in which people participated and whether participants volunteered or received income as part of their participation.

Arts and Culture in Australia: A Statistical Overview 2014

The Arts and Culture in Australia: A Statistical Overview 2014 report provides information on a range of topics including employment in culture, time spent on cultural activities, attendances at cultural venues and events, expenditure on culture, and imports and exports of cultural goods and services.

Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications—Third Edition 2014

The Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications—Third Edition 2014 document outlines the Australian Cultural and Leisure Classifications (ACLC). The ACLC comprise three separate classifications covering culture and leisure related industries, products and occupations that have been produced by the former National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS).

General Social Survey: Summary Results 2019

The General Social Survey: Summary Results 2019 report provides a snapshot of how Australia has progressed on aspects of social capital such as participation, support, feelings of safety and trust. This report contains data on the attendance at cultural venues and events of people with lower levels of education, people who live in remote areas, older people and people with disability.

Cultural Funding by Government

The Cultural Funding by Government report presents estimates of Australian public funding for arts and cultural activities, facilities and services by the Australian Government, state and territory governments and local governments. This page includes links to previous releases.

Children's Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities 2012

The Children's Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities 2012 report contains information about the participation of children aged 5 to 14 years in cultural, sporting and other leisure activities, as well as details on children's use of the Internet and mobile phones. It provides information on the characteristics of children who participated in some activities.

Disability, Ageing and Carers: Summary of Findings 2018

The Disability, Ageing and Carers: Summary of Findings 2018 report presents data used to measure the prevalence of disability in Australia and the need for support of older people and those with disability. This report contains data on the participation of people with disability and older people in cultural activities.

Film, Television and Digital Games 2015–2016

The Film, Television and Digital Games 2015–2016 report contains information about key industries engaged in television broadcasting, film and video production and post-production, and digital game development activities.

Employment in Culture 2011

The Employment in Culture 2011 report includes tables showing the number of 'culturally' employed persons in Australia classified by the occupation of their main job and their industry of employment. The tables also include cross-tabulations with variables such as age, income and hours worked.

Australian National Accounts: Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts, Experimental, 2008–09

The Australian National Accounts: Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts 2008–09 report presents the first experimental satellite accounts measuring the economic contribution of cultural and creative activity in Australia.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey 2008

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey 2008 report presents summary results and findings on language and culture, social networks and support, health, education, work, housing and financial stress.

Museums 2007–2008

The Museums 2007–2008 report provides detailed data on measures of the performance, structure and activity of museums and art galleries operating in Australia.

Digital Game Development Services 2006–2007

The Digital Game Development Services 2006–2007 report contains information about digital game development services in Australia including the number of businesses, employment, income, expenses, operating profit before tax and industry value added. It should be noted that the most recent data on the games sector is included in the broader Film, Television and Digital Games 2011–2012 report.

Performing Arts 2006–2007

The Performing Arts 2006–2007 report presents the results from surveys conducted of businesses and organisations primarily involved in performing arts operation or performing arts venue operation.

How Australians Use Their Time 2006

The How Australians Use Their Time 2006 report presents data collected on how people allocate time to activities such as paid and unpaid work and leisure. This report contains data on time men and women of different age groups spend on recreation and leisure, including arts and crafts.

Directory of Culture and Leisure Statistics 2002

The Directory of Culture and Leisure Statistics 2002 provides a reference to sources of culture and leisure data with information about the scope, frequency, history and extent of data available from each collection, and the major publications that use data from the collection. Although the Directory was first created in 2002, it was updated through to 2007, and contains a comprehensive overview of cultural data available in Australia prior to this date.

Government cultural funding and participation

Survey reports of cultural funding by Australian governments and Australian's participation in cultural activities carried out on behalf of Cultural Ministers.

Reports prepared by a consultant from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.