Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM)

Waves and Water

This exhibition is part of the ANMM's Sail Away program and comprises iconic photographs which capture Australian beach culture from the 1930s to 2000. Sun bathers, swimmers, surfers and surf-life savers are depicted in this collection of photographs from the ANMM collection.

The exhibition will tour to four venues in regional Victoria during 2013–14 with further venues scheduled for 2014–15.

Touring Funding: $17,000

Bundanon Trust

Arthur Boyd: An Active Witness

This exhibition focuses on the life and work of Arthur Boyd. This is the first exhibition to consider the social consciousness of Boyd's art, and to convey the political life of the artist. Paintings, prints, and ceramics from the Bundanon Trust Collection augmented by works on loan, offer insights into how one of Australia's greatest artists responded to the prevailing social milieu.

This exhibition will tour to five venues in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland during 2013–14.

Touring Funding: $73,155

Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD)

Behind the Lines 2013

Behind the Lines is an annual exhibition of Australian political cartoons which presents a snapshot of politics, public sentiment and political commentary by cartoonists. It includes work from cartoonists published in both print and online media across Australia, as well as historical political cartoons from the MoAD collection.

Funding will support the development and touring of the exhibition to four venues in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.

Development and Touring Funding: $55,276

Behind the Lines 2012

Funding will support the continued tour of the Behind the Lines 2012 exhibition to two venues in New South Wales and Western Australia.

Touring Funding: $11,000

National Archives of Australia (NAA)

A Ticket to Paradise? Lives and experiences of Australia's six million post-war migrants

This exhibition will explore the experiences of individuals, couples and families who migrated to Australia after World War II. With the settlement of six million migrants in the country since the war, this exhibition will examine the Australian Government's post-war immigration policies and promotional campaigns, through the display and interpretation of documents, photographs and footage recorded by the Department of Immigration.

Funding will support the development this exhibition.

Development Funding: $130,000

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA)

The Art of Sound—Exhibiting Australian Sounds

This exhibition combines sound recordings from the NFSA's national audio visual collection and curated artworks from regional art collections in a range of media including paintings, prints, works on paper, photography, sculpture and ceramics, mixed and new media, and video art. The combined artworks and sounds provide a multi-sensory exhibition in which viewers can enjoy, consider and explore the implications of the intersection of art and sound.

The exhibition will tour to regional venues in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

Touring Funding: $80,000

National Gallery of Australia (NGA)

Atua: Sacred Gods

This exhibition will explore the concepts of 'gods' or 'idols' as represented in Polynesian art. Atua: Sacred Gods focuses on the relationship between art objects created during the pre Christian period in Polynesia and spirit beings which are generally known as 'atua'.

This exhibition will enable the NGA to exhibit its significant collection of Polynesian art, alongside sculptures drawn from over thirty international collections.

Touring Funding: $185,000

Carol Jerrems: Photographic Artist

This exhibition surveys the work of one of Australia's best-known art photographers from the 1970s. Jerrems exposed the new mood of social justice and personal freedom symbolised by her own generation of affluent post-war baby boomers. The exhibition presents the finest of Jerrems' works and explores the broad themes of the socially marginalised, the development of women's liberation, sexuality and political action.

The exhibition will tour to four venues in 2013–14 including locations in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales.

Touring Funding: $33,717

Bodywork: Australian jewellery 1970–2012

This exhibition includes the work of 40 contemporary Australian jewellers exploring the relationship of jewellery to the body. The jewellery celebrates the ground-breaking design of Australia's most renowned jewellers and has been chosen to inspire, intrigue and inform.

The exhibition will tour to four regional venues in New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia in 2013–14.

Development and Touring Funding: $14,270

National Library of Australia (NLA)

Mapping our World—Terra incognita to Australia

This exhibition traces the development of mapping and demonstrates how geographers, cartographers and explorers attempted to conceptualise the world through maps, from the ancient world through to more modern times. The NLA's significant collection of maps and charts, atlases, globes and scientific instruments will be supplemented by major international loans.

Development and Touring Funding: $160,000

National Museum of Australia (NMA)

Encounters [working title]

This exhibition will feature a selection of the British Museum's Australian collection, including a significant collection of Indigenous material, assembled over two centuries ago. It will contribute to understanding the diversity and history of Indigenous material culture, histories of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their relationships with early explorers and settlers. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to detail these histories and reconnect this material with contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Funding will support the development of the exhibition which is being developed in collaboration with the British Museum and in partnership with the Indigenous communities that will be represented.

Development Funding: $150,000

National Portrait Gallery (NPG)

National Photographic Portrait Prize (2013 and 2014)

Established four years ago, the National Photographic Portrait Prize is an annual prize that promotes excellence in contemporary photographic portraiture by both professional and aspiring Australian photographers. The competition attracts entrants from all states and territories and reflects a national representation of contemporary Australian photographic portrait practice.

Funding will support the development and touring of the 2013 and 2014 National Photographic Portrait Prize exhibitions which will tour to venues in Queensland and Tasmania.

Development and Touring Funding: $36,456

Paul Kelly and The Portraits

This exhibition features portraits of Paul Kelly including photographs, paintings and a specially commissioned digital video portrait by cinematographer Warwick Thornton. The exhibition examines Paul Kelly's musical life and work over the course of his performance career through portraiture. It will encourage engagement and discussion about Kelly's storytelling of the Australian landscape and its people.

The exhibition will tour to four regional venues in New South Wales and Victoria in 2013–14 with further venues scheduled for 2014–15.

Touring Funding: $34,126

Australian of the Year: Vivid life stories

This exhibition documents the lives of 'Australian of the Year' award recipients. It will draw principally from the NPG's collection which includes portraits of most award recipients made at different stages in their lives, encompassing a range of artistic media and a diversity of styles.

Funding will support the development of the exhibition.

Development Funding: $20,000