The Government has provided $200,000 to help the National Motor Museum purchase the Chamberlain 8 “Australian Special” race car through the National Cultural Heritage Account.

The race car was built in 1929 by Melbourne brothers, Alan Hawker ‘Bob’ Chamberlain and Howard Francis ‘Bill’ Chamberlain. Both engineers, the brothers included a revolutionary engine in the race car which competed in multiple Grands Prix and hill climb events.

The Chamberlain 8 is believed to be the only racing car completely designed and built in Australia without the use of components from other makes. Some unique qualities of the vehicle include the four-wheel independent suspension and 8000 rpm engine.

It is one of Australia’s most technically advanced and visually appealing race cars of the era. The Chamberlain brothers were among a group of prominent engineers who significantly contributed to Australia’s technological and motoring history.

The National Cultural Heritage Account provides support for collecting institutions like the National Motor Museum to acquire important pieces of Australian history to ensure they are kept in the country and enjoyed by the public.

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