The latest analysis from the Bureau of Communications, Arts and Regional Research (BCARR) shows cultural and creative activities continue to boost the Australian economy.

Image of a fine art painting in studio.

The analysis shows cultural and creative activities contributed $122.3 billion to our national economy in 2019–20.

Over the last 10 years, the economic impact from this activity has increased 27.1 per cent, reaffirming its value to our national economy and identity.

Cultural and creative activity refers to economic activity that involves human ingenuity, expression and storytelling. These activities connect Australians through arts, media, heritage, design, fashion and information technology.

BCARR has quantified the economic contribution of cultural and creative activity. This release covers the early economic impact of COVID-19 on cultural and creative activity.

The results of this research have demonstrated significant growth in the industry of computer system design. As a result of increased working from home arrangements and cloud‑sharing services, computer and digital design has experienced a $17.8 billion increase over the past decade.

Other industry domains with substantial economic influence include: literature and print media; broadcasting, electronic or digital media and film; and fashion.

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