The Orange Regional Museum received $90,000 to assist with the purchase of an ornamental centrepiece, the Campbell epergne.

Funding has been provided through the National Cultural Heritage Account to preserve the sterling silver grand epergne. It was presented to Amelia and David Campbell by the community in 1864 to acknowledge their bravery in resisting an attack from Ben Hall’s gang on their property, making special note of Amelia’s heroism. 

The 72 centimetre high epergne was made in London in 1862 by Thomas Smily. It will be part of a special exhibition at the Orange Regional Museum, which will detail the history and significance of the bushranger attack and Amelia and David Campbell’s courage. 

The epergne will be on display at the museum until 24 February 2019. 

The National Cultural Heritage Account supports institutions to acquire significant objects and ensure they are kept in Australia and on display for the public. 

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