In changes announced today the Producer Offset will now include long-form drama series.

Film crew work on a set.

Changes to the Producer Offset will help create more Australian stories on our screens by allowing more access for producers of Australian feature films, television and other projects.

The Producer Offset gives a tax rebate to producers for expenditure on eligible Australian films, television and other projects. Currently, a drama series must spend at least $500,000 per hour in qualifying Australian production expenditure (QAPE)—that is, expenditure incurred for goods and services used or provided in Australia.

With the new threshold, drama series that spend at least $35 million per season in QAPE will be eligible for the offset. This change will benefit any drama series that films significant numbers of hours over a season but does not meet the per hour threshold—meaning more drama productions will be able to access a rebate.

The new threshold will apply to productions that commence principal photography or production of the animated image on or after 1 July 2024.

More information about the Producer Offset can be found on the Screen Australia producer offset page.