The Indigenous Languages and Arts Program (ILA) is now open for grant applications.

Two First Nations children smile at the camera at close range. They are part of a traditional dance and wear white paint on their faces.
Image courtesy of the Margaret Lim Family Trust. The Youth Mills programs performing together, May 2021

One of the ways we are supporting First Nations Australians to express, preserve and maintain their cultures through languages and arts activities is through the ILA program.

Grants are now available for activities that revitalise and sustain First Nations languages through:

  • Facilitating the use of First Nation languages in everyday life by producing and providing access to language materials that enable communities to enjoy, learn, practice and teach their languages.
  • Supporting community members to improve their language knowledge and skills and build capacity in the sector by providing language learning and teaching pathways.
  • Recording, preserving and making available First Nations languages using digital technology in an innovative and culturally appropriate way.

Support is also available for projects celebrating First Nations cultural expression through:

  • Developing, producing, presenting, exhibiting or performing a diverse range of traditional and contemporary First Nations art forms which could include dance, theatre, film, literature, music.
  • Promoting and celebrating First Nations art forms and providing access to arts activities that enable community to enjoy, connect and take pride in their cultures.

Applications close 11:30pm AEDT Wednesday 22 March 2023.

All information for this grant opportunity, including the ILA 2023-24 Program Guidelines and ILA 2023–24 FAQ's are available on the Australian Government's GrantConnect website.