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The eight principles [MP3 - 3.6 MB]

Transcript of the principles

The Cultural Ministers Council has set out eight principles to guide our work on disability and the arts:

  1. All Australians have the right to access, and participate in, arts and cultural activities.
  2. Artists and arts workers with a disability should have the same choices and opportunities to pursue a career in the arts as those without a disability.
  3. Participation in arts and cultural activity by people with a disability is important to foster creativity, innovation and community enrichment in our society.
  4. The experiences of people with a disability are diverse and we need to be flexible in the strategies we use to improve outcomes for people with a disability.
  5. People with a disability need to be able to take part in the decisions that affect them.
  6. We need to build on existing strengths, relationships and activities to improve access to, and participation in, arts and cultural activity by people with a disability.
  7. We need to enlist the help of families and supporters of people with a disability, as well as community services, government agencies, businesses and philanthropic organisations to increase opportunities to participate in arts and cultural activities.
  8. Through the National Arts and Disability Strategy, the Cultural Ministers Council commits to a collaborative national approach by governments.