Four female artists from the Ngardang Girri Kalat Mimini group.

Ngardang Girri Kalat Mimini was established as a collaborative network of Indigenous women artists. They are committed to promoting the unique art practices of Indigenous women in Victoria, Australia and aim to support each other professionally, culturally and spiritually.

A key focus of Ngardang Girri Kalat Mimini is the continuation of traditional cultural practices in a contemporary art space, through engaging in collaborative projects, such as exhibitions and workshops.

Ngardang Girri Kalat Mimini's representatives attending the Festival of Pacific Arts 2016 are four of Victoria's most prominent Indigenous female artists, all of whom are multi-skilled in a variety of cultural craft techniques.

These artists have exhibited extensively throughout Australia and the world, in addition to having won several art awards. Glenda Nicholls recently won the highly acclaimed 2015 Deadly Art Award.

While in Guam, the artists will share and exchange culture through workshops including weaving, painting with ochre, ceramics and flower making. They hope to build relationships with other creative women in the Pacific through their participation in the festival and celebrate the many cultures of the region.