Adults and children standing in front of a wall with a projected image.

SharingStories Foundation is committed to preserving and revitalising Indigenous languages and cultures through community digital storytelling.

SharingStories is an innovator in the arts sector, driving change in the creation of culturally relevant, user-friendly digital tools to support needs that have been articulated by Indigenous communities.

SharingStories' programs support the production of community-based cultural archives and vibrant new contemporary artistic interpretations of ancient cultural forms. The use of digital tools allows communities to produce rich, community-driven self-representations which facilitate the holding and sharing of language, story and culture for present and future generations. Its work also connects Indigenous Australians with national and global audiences and community networks, and contributes to a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and perspectives on land and Country.

Artists attending the Festival of Pacific Arts have been involved with reinterpreting two stories of creation ancestors published in the award-winning Sharing Our Stories series. The Adnyamathanha community's Yulu the Kingfisher Man and Nyikina Mangala story of Woonyoomboo were developed into multi-touch books featuring stunning animations created by children, with the support of their Elders and the gifted artists from SharingStories. The community multi-touch books—produced both in language and English—include a Welcome to Country in language and a GPS map showing sites described in the stories.

Children from the Adnyamathanha community launched the Adelaide Children's Come-Out Festival with animations from the multi-touch book. A special ceremonial dance and re-enactment of the story accompanied the presentation of the Woonyoomboo multi-touch book animations to the community.

The multi-touch books preserve Indigenous story, culture and language for all generations, as well as build skills within local communities that lead to potential employment and revenue streams.