The Advisory Committee for Indigenous Repatriation helps the Australian Government deliver the Indigenous Repatriation policy.

The Advisory Committee for Indigenous Repatriation is an all-Indigenous advisory committee. The Minister for the Arts appoints members of the Committee to advise on policy and program issues related to the repatriation of Australian Indigenous ancestral remains and secret sacred objects from Australian collecting institutions and Australian Indigenous ancestral remains from overseas.

Committee role

The Committee provides strategic advice to the Australian Government on issues directly affecting Indigenous repatriation, such as:

  • repatriation policy issues and strategic direction for the Indigenous Repatriation Program
  • feedback and advice on general issues that emerge with implementing the Program
  • issues relating to cultural protocols
  • the handling, storage and long-term care of ancestral remains and secret sacred objects with no identified community of origin including where there is poor or limited provenance
  • other advice as requested by the Minister.


The all-Indigenous Committee must include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members. Members must:

  • have an understanding of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander culture and traditions
  • hold a significant position or play an important role in their community in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues; and.
  • have previous experience or existing involvement in Indigenous repatriation and/or have experience in museum repatriation and/or cultural heritage work.

The current members of the Committee are:

  • Mr Phillip Gordon (Co-chair)
  • Ms Christine Grant (Co-chair)
  • Mr Lyndon Ormond-Parker
  • Ms Carol Christophersen
  • Mr Major Sumner AM
  • Ms Jenny Pilot


The Committee undertook extensive  consultations across Australia in 2013. The consultation informed the National Resting Place Report presented to the Australian Government in 2014.


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