Powerful performance tells the stories of historical interactions between Yolngu and Tawainese people.

Taiwanese and First Nations Australian performers next to a stone hut.
Image: L to R Ljaucu Talimaraw, Piya Talaliman, Dremedreman Curimudjuq, Milika Blackie-Smith, Rachael Wallis, Barbara Berryman. Photo: by Rangarang Curimudju.

Gapu Ngupan (Chasing the Rainbow) is a joyous new cross-cultural performance piece in music, song and dance.

Created through collaboration between artists from Arnhem Land and Taiwan, it tells the stories of the Taiwanese Paiwan and Amis tribes journeying to and interacting with Yolngu people in the millennia before European voyages.

Captured through songlines and dances that are still practiced today, the two groups work together to share the stories of their ancestors' connections.

The performance also interweaves myths and each artist incorporates pieces of their contemporary selves into the retelling—adding to the fabric of these treasured stories.

The performance is created and produced by Miku Performing Arts, Hui Jia Creatives, Kath Papas Productions & Artback NT and is set to be performed in 2024 & 2025 in both Australia and Taiwan.

Gapu Ngupan received support through the Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program, which supports First Nations peoples to express, preserve and maintain their cultures through languages and arts activities around Australia.