World-first language conversation app, supported through our Indigenous Languages and Arts Program, is now ready for all Australians to use.

Promotional image for the Gurray app, showing a mobile phone keyboard.

Gurray, a new keyboard app, allows users to translate conversation from English to First Nations languages.

Derived from the Wiradjuri word meaning “change or refreshment,” Gurray features the languages Barngarla, Latji Latji, Mutti Mutti, Nari Nari, Tati Tati, Wadi Wadi, and Yorta Yorta. 

The app is poised to bridge linguistic divides, promote cultural diversity and elevate First Nations language usage in everyday life like never before.

With the tagline “type, find, replace,” Gurray simplifies the process of language switching, offering an innovative solution not found in traditional dictionary apps or any other solution to date.

How Gurray Works:

1) Type in English: Start typing your thoughts or messages in English, just as you normally would on any device

2) Discover First Nations words: As you type in English, Gurray intelligently displays contextually relevant words in your chosen Indigenous language

3) Replace English with Language: Simply tap on the suggested word in your native language that best fits the context and Gurray instantly replaces the English text with the selected First Nations word. 

Gurray is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store:

Gurray received support through the Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program, which supports First Nations peoples to express, preserve and maintain their cultures through languages and arts activities around Australia.