Donations made under the Cultural Gifts Program must have their GST inclusive market value determined by CGP approved valuers.

The GST inclusive market value of donations made under the Cultural Gifts Program is determined by averaging two or more valuations undertaken by valuers who are approved by the department to value specific classes of property.

Valuers must undertake a valuation of the item within 90 days of the date of donation, or value it as at the date of donation to ensure the valuation reflects the correct market value.

CGP Approved Valuer resources

The Cultural Gifts Program Guide provides detailed information about how the program works and the role of valuers in the program. A detailed glossary of property classes in also included.

All CGP valuations must be completed using the prescribed Valuation Certificate below.

Applying to become an approved valuer

To value donations made under the Program, you must be approved for this specific purpose by the Secretary responsible for the Arts, or their delegate. To be approved, you must be nominated by a major public institution that collects material in the area of your expertise. Your application will need to include:

  • The classes of property you are applying to be approved to value.
  • Evidence of relevant experience relating to these categories.
  • Two referee reports for each class of property from professionals who are qualified to comment on your expertise. At least one of these referees must be an appropriate specialist staff member from the institution that is nominating you.
  • Copies of the Code of Conduct for Valuers and the Private Interests Assurance form signed by you.

We may seek additional information from you if we need to. Links to copies of all these documents are listed below.

Extending approved classes of property

Occasionally valuers are asked to value items outside their approved classes of property. The department can approve a one-off extension to your approved classes in extenuating circumstances. For example:

  • The item is part of a collection, and is closely related to your existing classes of property. You are already approved to value the large majority of items in the collection.
  • The item is closely related to your existing classes of property, and it is impractical to engage a valuer who is approved to value the item.

Generally, the department will only grant a one-off extension where the item in question is closely related to your existing approved classes. If you need to seek a one-off extension, you must contact the department before you undertake the valuation. Retrospective approval cannot be granted.

If you are seeking extensions regularly, the department will ask you to apply to extend your approved classes permanently. You can apply to extend your classes permanently by writing to us with the details of your new categories and providing reports from two referees for each class of property. As with your application to be a valuer, at least one of these referees should be a senior curatorial or administrative staff member from a participating institution that collects material in your new nominated categories.