Expert examiners assess the significance of cultural material that is proposed for export from Australia. The Act also provides for the return of cultural property to a foreign country if that property was unlawfully exported from that country and imported into Australia. To assist with this process, the Office for the Arts may request assistance from Expert Examiners with appropriate expertise in areas outside of Australian cultural property.

The work of expert examiners is vital to the operation of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986. As an expert examiner, you will be listed on a register maintained by the National Cultural Heritage Committee. If you are eligible, you will be paid an honorarium payment of $350 per assessment.

What do expert examiners do?

Expert examiners:
Australian Protected Objects

  • establish if material is classed as an Australian protected object by assessing if it meets the criteria in the National Cultural Heritage Control List
  • advise if the material is so important to Australia that its loss through export would significantly diminish Australia's cultural heritage.

The National Cultural Heritage Committee reviews expert examiner assessments and makes a recommendation to the Minister for the Arts, who makes the final decision about granting a permit.

Foreign Cultural Property

  • establish if the material is authentic
  • if the material is authentic, advise the country origin and assess the possible significance of the material to its country of origin

How to register as an Expert Examiner

Expert Examiners are recognised experts in a particular field, and are registered on the basis of their employment, professional qualifications and expertise in their chosen field.

An Exert Examiner may seek to register as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

If you are interested in registering as an Expert Examiner or have any questions please contact the Office for the Arts on or by phoning 1800 819 461.

Expert Examiners

Published 1st Aug 2022

Expert Examiners assess the significance of cultural material that is proposed for export from Australia.