We’re developing a new cultural policy for the decade ahead. Anyone involved in or interested in our nation’s arts, entertainment and cultural sector are encouraged to have their say.

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Why we want your input
The new cultural policy must be shaped by Australia’s arts, entertainment and cultural sectors. Have your say on how we can place arts at the centre of modern Australian life, including respecting and celebrating First Nations cultures, and recognise artists as critical workers in our economy.
How you can voice your opinion
Submissions will open shortly – keep an eye on this webpage.
What will be the outcome of this consultation?
Your submission will help develop a national cultural policy for the decade ahead.

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The Issue

A new national cultural policy is needed to place Australian arts and culture at the centre of modern Australian life, to rebuild after the pandemic and to help guide priorities of sector for the decade ahead.

Our starting point will be Creative Australia, Labor's national cultural policy first launched by the former Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard, in 2013.

This new policy will be shaped by the diverse voices of the Australian arts, entertainment and cultural sector around the five goals of Creative Australia:

  1. Recognise, respect and celebrate the centrality of First Nations cultures to the uniqueness of Australian identity.
  2. Ensure that government support reflects the diversity of Australia.
  3. Support excellence and the special role of artists and their creative collaborators.
  4. Strengthen the capacity of the cultural sector to contribute to national life, community wellbeing and the economy.
  5. Ensure Australian creativity thrives here and abroad in the digitally enabled 21st century.

We’re seeking views on how we can support and develop these goals.

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